JR Standfield

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My novel writing has progressed. With the help if a professional line editor I have finished Book 1 and Book 2 of the Bear Series, "Tommy and The Bear" and the second of the series, "The Bear and Tommy. I have worked at getting both published through Agents and Small Press and have self published it on Amazon as a way to have it noticed.

These first two books of the series define the dual protagonist's Tommy and The Bear. Tommy the Zen Buddhist and The Bear the sociopath killer all wrapped up together in the same body, suffering multiple personality disorder. 

The third, fourth, and maybe fifth books of the series will be Tommy and The Bear's experience in Viet Nam. Those two or three books (depending upon the amount of detail I want to show) will be my attempt to emulate, as much as possible, Anton Myrer's, "Once an Eagle." In my opinion, the greatest anti-war war story ever written. His book also defines what it means to be a leader. My goal is to show the uselessness and long term damage that war inflicts on those who survive. We celebrate the sacrifice of those who fell for us with holidays, but often wish to forget those who came back from the field. The tragedy is the forgetting.

I also write short stories, but they have taken a back seat to the novel writing. I have so many ideas.

I, like many writers, am asked, how do i come up with the ideas to write? I always answer, "It's not that I can't come up with ideas. It's choosing the one or two that I want to concentrate on from the hundreds and hundreds that sit in note files on my computer."