JR Standfield

About JR Standfield

I'm originally from Cleveland, Ohio. The family moved from Cleveland when I was four to Mayfield Heights and later to larger home in Mayfield Village when my third and fourth brothers were born. Both communities are suburbs on the east side of Cleveland.


I had the unbelievable good luck of going through elementary, junior and senior high school with the same group of friends and fellow students.


Soon after high school I joined the Army and after separating as a First Lieutenant I had enough stories in my journals for the rest of my life. I had written in journals throughout high school and added a case of notebooks to my old stash upon arriving back in Ohio after the service. 


I was married just prior to attending college at Ohio State. We had our first child while I was getting my accounting degree. I got my first full time job after college making less money than I had in the Army, four years prior. We moved back to Cleveland where I worked for four years in a corporate environment that clearly didn't suit me. During that time we had another child.


After leaving Cleveland and several years later I began a series of moves and travel that has since defined my life and filled several trans-files with journals. I began writing short stories but never submitted them. I thought of writing novels but didn't feel I knew enough about the craft of writing to begin. It would be more years than I’m willing to admit before I typed “The End” on my first novel.


The travel ended and I found myself near Boston, Massachusetts. I always thought I would live in New England. I remember studying about the pilgrim’s landing on Plymouth Rock while in grade school and knew then I would live here.


I found that I needed to settle my life to write. That may seem counter-intuitive to those who think that writers need to live life to write but that doesn't seem to be the case for me.


When I calmed my life and was willing to let the thought of a life companion go I found someone willing to live with a writer. They’re hard to find. Whatever writing success I work to will be because she believed I could.